• A New E-bike With Lithium Battery Is Launched

    Our company has developed a new type of e-bike with lithium battery--E-bike of Model MS12. Such e-bike is light whose weighs is only 26kg. The e-bike adopts Samsung's lithium battery, which is durable.

    2016/03/19 ebike

  • Development Tendency of E-bike

    Development Tendency of E-bike,ebikes with lithium battery have similar dynamic performance with e-bike with lead acid battery. After charged 6~8 hours, e-bikes with lithium battery can be rided for 30~45 kilometers.

    2015/08/19 ebike

  • Which E-bike To Choose For Spring Outing?

    MS13 mountain bike with the lithium battery is your best choice for spring outing.

    2014/04/12 Electric mountain bike

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